Coming soon - An African Answer training package

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
A Turkana community featured in the Bonus Feature 'Two years later' (Photo: Alan Channer)

Launch – last week of October 2011, at the United States Institute of Peace
and other venues in Washington DC

Including two new DVD Bonus Features and two Resource Guides

DVD Bonus Features

Two years later
This 9 minute short revisits the scene of the clashes and the reconciliation depicted in An African Answer - two years after the film was shot.  It goes on to follow three Kenyan peace activists as they take An African Answer to remote communities prone to conflict over scarce resources.

Inside the process
This 20 minute interview with Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye probes the 'how' and the 'why' of the peace-building processes depicted in An African Answer. The interview, filmed in a London television studio, is conducted by American conflict resolution lecturer Dr Margaret Smith and Palestinian film-maker Dr Imad Karam.

The new DVD of An African Answer will also contain French and German language versions of the film.

Resource Guides

A manual to facilitate conversations on religious peace-building and reconciliation
Providing both theoretical context and practical advice, this comprehensive 80 page manual is a resource for teaching and fostering dialogue using An African Answer and The Imam and the Pastor films. The manual is compiled by American conflict resolution specialist Dr David Steele.

An African Answer and The Imam & the Pastor: using the films in grass-roots peace-building
This is a short guide for practitioners on how to maximize the use of the films in conflict situations.  Illustrated with photographs from North Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya and Lebanon, the booklet contains gems of advice from Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa on some of the key stages in successful peace-building.